Emerging Wheelchair Rental Tech To Look For In Future Rentals

If you're considering wheelchair rental at some point in the future, you should be aware of some interesting new emerging technologies coming out that could aid you down the road. Here are a few examples of these technologies including how they could help anyone who expects to need wheelchair rentals in the future.


One problem many people who need to rent and use wheelchairs encounter is that they can't do anything with their hands at the same time that they're moving. This is relevant not just for multitasking while moving about such as using a phone or opening doors, but also for stamina. If you need to move long distances on a wheelchair, you can rally strain and tire yourself out.

There are new wheelchair types now on the horizon that allow you to steer based on the direction that you lean in. This lets you use balance instead of hand and arm strength. Many of these devices can also be moved manually if this is needed. The battery power will often be enough to power people two or three dozen miles.

Seat and Height Positioning

Another example of technology that is going to help revolutionize wheelchairs and rentals in the future is changes to the wheel axle. How well the chair moves is dependent partially on the wheel axle. Other improvements include changing the angle of the backrest, horizontal and vertical wheelchair axle angle ratios, and elbow angle. By themselves, these might all seem like small changes, but taken together, they can really affect the efficiency and comfortability of the chair as a whole.

Handrim Improvements

"Handrim" tech refers to improvements on the rims on the top of wheelchair wheels that make it easier for people using wheelchairs to get around.  One improvement that people are working on is ergonomic handrims. This changes the shape of the piece in order to make it easier for people to propel themselves without straining their hands and arms. This happens due to a lowered amount of pressure and less energy being required to move the chair.

Overall, it helps to be on the lookout for upgrades for wheelchair rentals if you're looking for a more comfortable and convenient ride. Many of these technologies are either out now, or will be out in the near future in one form or another. The technologies will also likely be combined if you want to use them all. To learn more, contact a company like Wishing Well Medical Supply.