Tips For Your First Mental Health Counseling Appointment

Mental health counseling can be really beneficial to help you identify what is at the heart of your behaviors and feelings, and then address those issues in a meaningful way. However, if you have never worked with a counselor before, the first appointment may be a bit of an unfamiliar experience. Here are few tips to help you navigate and make the most of this first appointment so that you can then move forward and fully harness the benefits of ongoing counseling.

Scheduling Surgery While A Pandemic Is Happening

Despite the pandemic that is taking up most medical professionals' time right now, other health problems still need attention. Some of these require surgery, but unlike times when you could just schedule a surgery and have it done, now you need to take extra precautions. Doctors know more about the novel coronavirus now and have more experience dealing with patients who need to have other conditions treated during this time. That means that the measures your doctor and surgeon use to protect you and themselves from the coronavirus now are the ones that seem to work best.

How Stem Cell Therapy Helps with Bone Marrow Damage

The body needs a high supply of high-quality red blood cells to stay healthy and oxygenated. However, this need can be complicated if a person has problems with bone marrow failure related to one or many conditions. Those with this problem need to consider various treatments to manage this situation, such as the use of high-quality stem cell therapy to rebuild their marrow properly. Bone Marrow Failure Is Frightening The bone marrow throughout the body produces blood and replaces dead cells constantly, ensuring that a person can stay healthy and avoid serious complications.

Why Is IV Vitamin Therapy Better Than Just Taking A Multivitamin?

You've probably seen ads for IV vitamin therapy recently. Maybe you have even driven past an IV therapy clinic or two in your own town. Has your primary thought been "why can't I just take a multivitamin?" You're not alone. For years, multivitamin supplements have been the go-to choice for patients wishing to boost their vitamin intake. However, IV vitamin therapy has some key advantages over multivitamin supplements. IV vitamin therapy does not rely on your digestive system

Ways Telehealth Helps With Children Who Act Out In A Doctor's Office

Children need to visit the doctor regularly to stay healthy and strong. However, some children may have behavioral issues that force their parents to find alternative ways of visiting a doctor. This situation can be very frustrating for the parent and the doctor alike, which is why it is a good idea to consider telehealth services for a child who misbehaves in this way. Poor Child Behavior May Impact Doctor Visits