Why Is IV Vitamin Therapy Better Than Just Taking A Multivitamin?

You've probably seen ads for IV vitamin therapy recently. Maybe you have even driven past an IV therapy clinic or two in your own town. Has your primary thought been "why can't I just take a multivitamin?" You're not alone. For years, multivitamin supplements have been the go-to choice for patients wishing to boost their vitamin intake. However, IV vitamin therapy has some key advantages over multivitamin supplements.

IV vitamin therapy does not rely on your digestive system

In order to actually benefit from a multivitamin supplement, you need to absorb it. And this does not always go as well as you would hope! For one thing, vitamin manufacturers do not always include the vitamin in a form that your body can absorb easily. Also, many people struggle with faulty digestion. IV vitamin therapy puts the vitamins straight into your veins, bypassing the digestive tract. More of the vitamins are available and able to be used.

IV vitamin therapy also hydrates you

When you get an IV with vitamins, you are also getting plenty of fluids. This is important since so many people walk around dehydrated. After an IV session, you will feel more energetic and refreshed, and this is as much due to the hydration as it is to the vitamins.

IV vitamin therapy can be tailored to your needs at each appointment

When you take a multivitamin, you take the same supplement every day. But your needs may actually change over time. After you run a marathon, for example, you might need some extra B vitamins. After a bout of the flu, you may need some extra vitamin C to boost your immune system. When you have vitamin infusions, you can tell the practitioner about what's been going on in your life, and they can tailor the vitamin formula to meet your needs.

IV vitamin therapy doesn't require that you remember to take a pill

You say you take a multivitamin daily, but how often do you actually forget? It's so easy to forget to take a pill when you are busy! With IV vitamin therapy, on the other hand, you do not have to remember to take a daily pill. You just go sit through a session every week or two.

Although multivitamin supplements have their place, there are some real advantages to opting for IV vitamin drips instead. Schedule a session soon, and experience the benefits for yourself.