Have Itchy And Swelling Veins? What To Do

If you have noticed that you have some swollen veins throughout your legs, but they come and go, you still need to get them checked out. Just because the condition isn't always constant, doesn't mean that it isn't a life-threatening problem. There are a lot of conditions that can cause the veins to swell, and a vein specialist is the person that you want to see. Swollen veins could be the result of heart problems, and you want to get checked out right away. Talk with the doctor about these issues and treatment options for the pain.


Some people use injections to treat their vein pain and complications. This is called sclerotherapy, and the solution that is used in the injection is often a saline type solution. The location of your veins and the cause of the veins will determine how well this type of treatment will work for your condition and pain.

Compression Clothing

You can purchase compression leggings or stockings from local stores or online to help prevent blood from building up in the veins, and your physician may want to prescribe you come prescription grade compression attire. This is going to help relieve some of the pain and stop the pooling, and your physician may request that you wear this clothing around the clock when you have vein problems.

Surgical Requirements

If your specialist thinks that you need surgery to get rid of your vein problems, then you'll have to hear what decision they think is best. They may want to go in an tie off the blood supply to the veins that are causing you the most discomfort and pain, or they may want to remove the vein entirely.  Stripping the veins is possible, and your specialist will let you know what they think is the best option for you.

If your veins are noticeable, they are embarrassing, they itch or they are causing you a lot of pain, you'll want to talk with a vein specialist to see what needs to be done to get relief. You want to be sure that your blood is circulating through your body appropriately and safely, and that your heart is pumping the blood as it's needed. If you are currently seeing a regular family physician, you'll want to get a recommendation so you can see a vein specialist and surgeon that can accurately treat the problems you have.