Helping Your Child Remain Healthy In Flu Season

Few things are more stressful than caring for a sick child. If flu season is about to set in, you may already be concerned about what you'll have to do in order to keep your little one healthy.  Luckily there are many things you can do to protect your child against any flu trouble, including the actions below.

Have Them Immunized

You might have heard that the flu shot only works for one of the many flu strains that may be present throughout the season. That might caue you to think that your child is just as safe without it. The truth is that each year the flu immunization reduces likelihood of contracting the flu by about 60%. The number does fluctuate each year and depends on age and other issues, but the vaccine is one of the most effective ways for your child to avoid the virus.

Ensure Your Child is Washing Their Hands Properly

You may already realize that a way of avoiding the spread of germs and viruses is to wash your hands and have probably instructed your child to do so. However, you need to know know for sure that they are using the right technique and washing their hands long enough to ensure that they're cleansing properly.

Watch your child washing their hands and ensure that they're reaching every fingertip and getting to the areas in between their fingers. Have them sing the alphabet song or count to 20 so that they wash for a long enough period. You might even want to wash your own hands with your child so that you can model the proper way to do it.

Steer Clear of Local Crowds

If your child is exposed to the flu, it's likely to be from someone at school or another public place. While you can't keep them home from school every day, you can limit the number of crowded public outings your family attends during flu season, particularly if you're aware that your town or county is experiencing an increase in reported flu cases. You don't have to live like hermits, but choose public activities judiciously. You might also interact with smaller groups throughout the season.

If you're able to use all the information here, you may be able to assist your child in avoiding the flu this year. If you think that they're showing some symptoms, contact the family doctor so they can work on an appropriate illness treatment plan right away.