Have To Get A Tracheotomy? Information You Should Find Helpful And How To Properly Care For The Tube

If your doctor has told you that you need to get a tracheotomy, this may seem scary. To help you feel better, the doctor will go over a lot of information with you. It can be helpful, however, to learn about the tracheotomy procedure before you go to the hospital. A tracheotomy is one of the most common tracheostomy services. You also will need to learn how to properly care for the tracheostomy tube. Below is information about these two things so you will be ready.

Tracheotomy Procedure

During a tracheotomy, a tracheostomy tube is placed inside your trachea, which is your windpipe. This tube allows you to breathe. To do this, the surgeon has to create a hole there, which is in front of your neck.

Two tubes are inserted into your trachea. One is inserted into the canola, which is known as the inner tube. The outer tube is locked into the inner tube. The outer tube can then be unlocked to make it easy to remove.

After the tube is inserted, the surgeon will place a band around your neck to keep the tube secure. They will make sure this band fits you correctly, so you will feel comfortable.

Care for Tracheostomy Tube

It is important that you learn how to take proper care of the trachea tube after it is inserted. The nurse will show you how to remove the tube and clean it. This will prevent infection from building up inside the tube.

You need to place something over the hole in your neck after you remove the tube to prevent secretions. Gauze pads are usually used for this. The pad is taped in place using medical tape.

To clean the tube, you need a clean container. Pour hydrogen peroxide into the container. You will use a suction tool, which the hospital will provide to you. Put some hydrogen peroxide in the suction, and then squeeze the tip of the tool into the tube. This will remove mucus and other debris inside the tube.

When you are finished, put sterile salt into some clean water. The hospital can tell you where to purchase this salt and how much to use. Suction the salt through the tube a few times to ensure all hydrogen peroxide is removed.

Use another empty suction to squeeze air into the tube until the inside of the tube is dry. Wipe the outside of the tube with gauze.

There are kits you can purchase to clean and disinfect a tracheostomy tube. Your nurse can tell you where to purchase these kits. This makes it much easier, as the solutions are already prepared for you.