How To Stay Safe From Blue Light In Your Own Home

Blue light is becoming well-known for its threat to one's vision. Studies have shown that exposure to blue light may increase the risk of macular degeneration over time, which is something that no one wants to go through. If you're making an effort to protect yourself from blue light and want to know how to do it thoroughly, keep reading.

Filter Apps

One of the easiest and fastest things you can do -- typically at no cost -- is to install apps or programs that will filter out some of the blue light your electronics produce.

Whether you're using a phone, tablet, PC, or laptop, chances are there's an app that will do that for you. Look for programs like Twilight for phones and Screen Shader for PCs, or any program that will reduce the blue light emitted from your screen. You'll know it's working if your screen takes on a slightly reddish tint once it's enabled.

New Glasses

If you wear glasses, you'll be glad to know that they can help to protect your eyes. Blue light filtering technology is often applied to lenses these days, but you may need to ask for it specifically. It depends upon the type of frames you've selected and the vision prescription you need to be able to see clearly.

If you're not sure if your current glasses help to filter out blue light, visit your eye doctor and bring them with you. They'll be able to tell you if they help improve your blue light safety. If not, you can order new lenses while you're there.

Change Your Light Bulbs

Finally, consider phasing out LED light bulbs from your home and switch to either CFLs or back to incandescents.

Most LED light bulbs have been shown to emit more blue light than their CFL and incandescent counterparts. With incandescents back on the market, you now have two good choices for lighting your home. CFLs are very energy-efficient and will last for a long time, whereas incandescents are more traditional and sometimes offer softer-looking lighting. The choice is ultimately yours, but the point is to ditch the LEDs for safer bulbs.

Keeping your eyes safe in the years to come means reducing your exposure to blue light as much as possible. Talk to a medical office like Leader Heights Eye Center to schedule an exam if you're concerned that your vision could have already been impacted by this light wavelength.