2 Causes Of Painful Abdominal Bloating

If you are dealing with painful bloating in your stomach, you probably want to get rid of it as soon as possible. No one wants to be stuck with it because it can be so painful that you can't find a comfortable way to sit and you may even consider going to the emergency room to have it checked out. So, if this is something that you are dealing with, what could be the cause of it?


A lot of gas trapped in your stomach or your abdomen can leave you feeling painfully bloated. The gas may make your belly feel hard and like it is stretched like the head of a drum. It will make it difficult for you to eat because there won't be enough room in your system to add in food on top of the gas bubbles. You might find that you feel better if you change positions or lay on your left side because it will help the gas to move. There are over-the-counter medications that you can take that can help deal with the gas and the bloating. There are several things that might cause excess gas, including irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux. With IBS, the nerves attached to your bowels are a little too sensitive, which makes them too active. Acid reflux happens because the sphincter in between the stomach and esophagus doesn't work right and allows stomach acid to go up into your esophagus. 


Another cause of bloating may be constipation. No one really wants to talk about constipation, but it happens to pretty much everyone at some point, and it can become intensely painful if you are blocked up for any amount of time. There are several things that could cause constipation, and some of them are really simple, like having your sleep pattern disrupted, being very stressed, or experiencing a sudden change in your eating habits. There are medications that you can take to help things move along, or you can add in more fiber to your diet. You will also want to add in more water to help loosen things up. 

Occasional problems with bloating are common and happen to everyone. However, if this is something that happens to you frequently, then you need to make sure that you are dealing with it and you should go see your doctor. Painful bloating can be a sign of a more serious problem, and if you ignore it, then you can end up with some serious health issues.