Three Reasons Why You Should Have Your Medical Equipment Appraised

You have jewelry appraised. You have rare coins appraised. That makes sense, but why would you have medical equipment appraised? It is not as though you can exchange medical equipment for cash in a hurry (or can you?). There are actually three good reasons why a medical equipment appraisal is a very wise thing to do. 

Insurance Purposes

To properly insure any clinic or hospital, you have to know the value of everything in the building. Every last piece of equipment, regardless of size and what it does, has to be appraised for its value in order to get enough insurance coverage. From the twenty-dollar stethoscope at the nurse's station to the MRI that costs thousands upon thousands of dollars, you need a complete list of everything and what it is worth. In the event of a fire, theft, etc., it can be replaced when enough insurance covers it. 

Sale Purposes

If you wanted to sell some equipment because it is no longer as high-tech as the newest models of the same equipment, you would need to know what the fair market value is. Usually, this is given as a price range so that you know what a low offer and a fair offer are for each item you want to sell. Sometimes the company that provides the appraisals for your medical equipment is also in the business of buying and selling equipment, in which case you can sell directly to the appraiser. 

Auction Purposes

Maybe you are retiring from the medical field and you have had your own clinic for decades. You would want to auction off everything in the clinic before you retire, and then sell the clinic property. You could accomplish that and get the most out of everything you put up for auction by first having it all appraised. Then the auctioneer would start bids on the low end of the appraisals for everything and hopefully get some very decent winning bids. 

Ready for Your Appraisals?

Now that you know and understand why medical equipment should be appraised, are you ready to have everything in your hospital or clinic appraised? If you are, there are appraisers in your area who can stop by and begin evaluating everything in your facility. When the appraiser is finished, you receive a complete list of equipment and its value or value range. An additional perk to having equipment appraised is that you also get a fully itemized list of what equipment is in your facility. 

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