Breast Cancer: 6 Early Warning Signs You Need Treatment

Regularly self-examining your breasts is integral to keeping them healthy. Although cancer screening is crucial, it may be difficult to detect this condition in the early stages. Therefore, it's necessary to identify some of the changes that occur in your breasts and know the signs you should watch out for.

Most people associate lumps with breast cancer. However, not all masses are cancerous. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, breast masses can occur due to other benign conditions. A cancerous lump will be hard with uneven edges. Here is what you need to know about the warning signs of breast tumors and when to seek breast cancer treatment.

1. Swelling

You can swell around your underarm or breast for various reasons. However, most bumps around these areas are triggered by cancerous cells. The swelling may be a result of the spreading tumor to the lymph nodes. Additionally, the swelling can occur even before a malignant mass appears on your breasts.

2. Skin Texture

Some skin conditions such as eczema may cause a change in the surface of the skin around your breasts. But a malignant breast tumor will cause inflammation to the cells around your breast, causing skin changes. This condition can result in skin thickening and flaking skin.

3. Redness

Have you experienced recent trauma to your breast? If the skin on your breast turns red or purple without any reason to explain the change, you should visit your doctor.

4. Breast Size

Childbirth, periods, and aging naturally change the size and shape of breasts. But a continuous growth in the size of your breast may signify that you need breast cancer treatment services.

5. Retracted Nipples

If your nipples appear inverted or they suddenly change in size, it may be a sign of a breast tumor. However, sometimes the appearance of your nipples can change during ovulation. Therefore, look out for other unexpected nipple changes like itches and burns.

6. Breast Pains

Breast tenderness or discomfort is an early sign of breast tumor. But breast pain isn't always triggered by cancer. There are numerous harmless causes of breast pain, mainly caused by changes in hormonal levels. These changes include puberty in both boys and girls, menstruation, a benign cyst, pregnancy, or breastfeeding mastitis.

Some risk factors of breast cancer, like family history and age, are impossible to control. Therefore, there is no sure way to prevent breast tumors. However, knowing the early signs of this condition will help you detect it in its most treatable stage and seek breast cancer treatment. Contact a breast cancer treatment facility for more information