5 Important Things to Understand About Visiting a Dispensary

More states are opening up to recreational marijuana, which means that more people are visiting a dispensary. If you are thinking about visiting a dispensary for the first time or are just getting used to visiting one, there are some things you should know to get the most out of the experience.

1. Bring the Right Information

Dispensaries are age-regulated, like a bar. In order to go to a dispensary, you need to have a valid state identification card on hand. If you are going to a medical dispensary, you need to bring in a valid medical card to use.

Additionally, most dispensaries are cash-based or require you to pay via an ATM exchange. So you are going to need to bring cash or a debit card with you.

2. Look at the Menu Online

Most dispensaries post their menu online. Before you head down to the dispensary, you will want to do some shopping online. Looking at the menu before you go into the dispensary will allow you to get a little familiar with the products so that you have an idea of what to look for in person when you go to the dispensary. If you want something specific, you may want to call ahead and check to see if they have those items in stock.

3. Pay Attention to More Than Potency

Next, it is essential to pay attention to more than the potency, or the THC content, of the products that you look at. It is not just about the THC levels of the product. It is about the flavor and style of the product, and it is about how the product will make you feel. So take your time to really learn about the products, and not just pay attention to the THC levels. There is a lot more to marijuana products than the THC level.

4. Ask Lots of Questions

The budtender is there to help you figure out what products will help you the most. They are there to educate you, so don't be afraid to ask questions about the products you are looking at. Allow your budtender to help you.

5. Know Your Limits

Finally, when looking at products, it is important for you to know your limits. Don't go overboard with what you consume. You will want to be careful with what you actually consume after you purchase the products from the dispensary.

When it comes to visiting dispensaries, bring your ID and cash. Look up the menu beforehand. Pay attention to all the attributes of the product, not just the THC levels. Be sure to ask a lot of questions about the products with the budtender, and know your limits when consuming them after you purchase them.