3 Reasons To Consider Laser Pain Treatment

Laser pain treatment is a procedure that has been used to treat patients with chronic and acute pain for decades. It is a kind of laser therapy that is based on the application of coherent, monochromatic light in an extremely narrow wavelength range. The laser beam can be adjusted according to the patient's needs, and it provides deep heating where the treatment is applied. This therapy is becoming more and more important in helping reduce pain and serves as a safe alternative or complement to other types of therapies.

How Does Laser Pain Therapy Work?

Laser pain treatment works by sending a light beam through the skin to be absorbed by the cells below. This light is converted into a chemical signal, which sends a message back to your brain and central nervous system.

Laser therapy gives the body what it needs to heal itself by triggering your own cells to release natural painkillers, otherwise known as endorphins, which are responsible for feeling good after an exercise or eating food. The laser also acts as a reset button for damaged tissue and sparks cell regeneration in injuries, such as back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

Why Should You Consider Laser Pain Treatment?

Pain treatment is becoming an increasingly important part of medicine. One reason for this is the increasing proportion of elderly patients who are more likely to suffer from chronic pain. The level of awareness about how that pain could be reduced using laser treatment is also increasing.

Here are three reasons why you should try laser pain therapy:

1. It Reduces Pain Without Any Side Effects

Laser therapy is very specific in that it can be delivered to the exact point where the pain is felt. This means that you'll get fast relief with no negative after-effects like bleeding, swelling, or spasm of surrounding muscles. This therapy is painless and doesn't cause any discomfort, making it especially suitable for elderly patients.

2. It Leads to Improved Blood Flow in The Treated Area

The heat from laser treatment leads to improved blood flow in the treated area, which helps reduce pain significantly. This increase in circulatory activity can also help speed up the healing process.

3. Laser Pain Treatment Relieves Both Acute and Chronic Pain

Laser therapy works as an analgesic for both acute and chronic pain. In fact, laser treatments have been known to work for pain relief, even in cases where conventional measures of standard medical treatment have failed. It is a very effective means of pain relief without causing any damage or leaving any scars on the skin.

The Bottom Line

There are many benefits to laser pain treatment. Properly done by a qualified physician or chiropractor, lasers can treat musculoskeletal disorders that cause pain, reduce inflammation and swelling, speed time for healing, and provide immediate relief of pain. Contact a laser pain therapy service, such as Aspen Laser Systems, to learn more.