Six Mistakes To Avoid While You're Going Through Recovery After Laser Face Treatment

Laser face treatment can be effective at reducing the appearance of scars and making the skin look younger. However, you need to avoid mistakes after laser face treatment that can compromise the effectiveness of the procedure.

The following are six mistakes to avoid while you're going through recovery after laser face treatment.

Smoking cigarettes

You should stop smoking cigarettes in preparation for your laser face treatment procedure. Smoking while you are recovering from the procedure is a bad idea.

Smoking cigarettes is not good while you are recovering because it can slow your circulation. Good circulation is essential for healing as quickly and completely as possible after a laser face treatment. 

Allowing your skin to be exposed to the sun

You need to protect your skin from the sun while it is recovering from a laser treatment. If you allow your skin to be sunburned while you're recovering, this could lead to discoloration of the skin that takes a considerable amount of time to go away.

Stay out of the sun entirely until your skin has had some time to heal from your laser treatment. 

Applying lotions and creams that have retinoid in them

You need to reconsider the use of any skin lotions or creams you use when you're having a laser face treatment done.

In particular, you need to avoid using skincare products that contain retinoid. Such products could interfere with healing and recovery in the days immediately following your laser face treatment. 

Continuing to take certain supplements

You also should reconsider the supplements you take before you undergo laser face treatment and when you begin recovery. Some common supplements such as vitamin E supplements could potentially delay healing for patients who have recently undergone laser face treatment.

Even common over-the-counter medications such as aspirin can sometimes slow down healing after laser face treatment. It's best to discuss any medications or supplements you take with your dermatologist to find out if you should make any temporary changes to your medication regime. 

Failing to discuss any issues with your dermatologist

If you notice any discomfort or other issues after your laser face treatment, it's important to discuss them with your dermatologist as soon as possible. This way, you can make sure that your recovery is staying on track and you're not experiencing any complications that your dermatologist needs to address. 

Neglecting to discuss your need for future treatments with your doctor

In some cases, a doctor may recommend follow-up laser treatments for the best possible results for certain patients. If you know that you'll need to go in for follow-up treatments, it's best to schedule them as soon as possible so that you don't forget about them. 

For more information on laser face treatment recovery, contact a dermatologist near you.