Your Painful Cracked Heels May Need Treatment From A Foot Doctor

Cracked heels are often just an annoyance, but if the cracks in your heels are painful or look infected, consider seeing a foot doctor for treatment. This is especially true if you have diabetes or some other medical condition that affects blood flow and sensations in your feet.

While you might treat a mild case of cracked heels at home, a foot doctor might need to treat your heel if it has deep cracks. Here are some tips for dealing with cracked heels and how a podiatrist can help. 

Home Treatments For Cracked Heels 

You might buy a heel cream product from the drugstore that's formulated to treat cracked heels. This condition is caused by dry skin on your heels, and heel cream is designed to soften dry skin or exfoliate it. It's also a good idea to wear shoes and socks so moisture can be held in your skin. You might even need to moisturize your heels before bedtime and sleep in socks.

You can try using a pumice stone to exfoliate the dead skin, but it's not a good idea to try cutting or picking off dead skin by yourself. A foot doctor can advise you about treating cracked heels at home, and they may offer suggestions for the best over-the-counter products to buy.

Medical Treatment For Cracked Heels

When you have a bad case of dry and dead skin buildup on your heels, the podiatrist might need to remove the skin. Since the skin is already dead, the procedure isn't painful. The doctor might cut off the dead skin or sand the dead skin away. This makes the fissures in your skin more visible and allows the podiatrist to check the cracks for an infection.

If an infection is found, the foot doctor may need to provide wound care, especially if you have diabetes. They may need to wrap your foot in a bandage to protect the cracks. If you have diabetes or other medical condition, you may need follow-up visits until the cracks have healed.

If you don't have an infection, the podiatrist might apply moisturizers to your heels once the dead skin has been removed and instruct you on how to care for your feet at home to complete your healing.

Fortunately, cracked heels aren't always painful, and they can clear up with home treatments. If your heels hurt or if you've had cracks for a long time and they won't heal, it's time to let a foot doctor give your feet the care they need.