3 Warning Signs That You Have An Eye Problem

The eye is an integral organ in the body. Besides helping us see, this organ sends visual information to the brain for comprehension. Thus, one must take care of their eyes to avoid injuries and, in the worst cases, permanent blindness. One way to care for your eyes is by scheduling a doctor's appointment regularly. Even though you feel fine, routine eye care is imperative as it allows the doctor to identify the problem before it deteriorates. However, if you haven't had the time to see a doctor often, there are various signs you can observe. Here are three warning signs that you have an eye problem.

Chronic Eye Pain

This is a common warning sign that you have an eye problem. Under normal circumstances, your eyes shouldn't be painful. You may experience mild eye pain, especially when having a headache, which should clear after taking painkillers. However, it may be the right time to go for eye care if you experience constant throbbing or shooting pains in the eyes. You may have an infection, or your eyes may be irritated. Another possible explanation is that your eyes may have an infection or you have an eye injury. Irrespective of your eye's primary cause of pain, you should see a doctor immediately if you experience eye pain.

Double Vision

You should seek eye care if you have double vision. It entails seeing two images next to each other, causing one to have blurred vision. This can affect your livelihood because you will have trouble reading and doing other tasks. Several things can cause double vision, such as muscle damage or an eye illness. Sometimes you can have double vision as a side effect of specific drugs. Thus, this is a treatment that needs immediate attention. Your doctor must determine the root cause of your eye problem and recommend the best solution.

Scratchy Eyes

It may be the right time to schedule eye care if you notice that you are scratching your eyes regularly. Occasionally, people scratch their eyes if they feel something is stuck. Once you remove the foreign object, the scratching stops. However, sometimes you may have scratchy eyes even if nothing is stuck. The leading cause for this is usually dry eyes. Another possible explanation for having scratchy eyes is that you may have a specific illness. Thus, you should visit an eye doctor to get an accurate diagnosis. Scratchy eyes is a common warning sign you shouldn't ignore. 

For more info about eye care, contact a local doctor.